About Yasir Ikram

I really would like to remark that, I am a person with a positive attitude in general, easily adaptable to any equipment, I also count with a great sense of responsibility and commitment with my duties, I also consider easy to adapt to change, sociable and a desire to constant improvement.

As for my training and vast working experiences, I am an I.T professional from Pakistan and I am currently managing / administrating small and medium businesses setups. I have an advanced level of English, excellent management about the computer tools, the office package, internet, graphics packages, in addition to developed custom business desktop and web applications, I have experience of working internationally, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, provide remote professional assistance to American and Australian companies.  




Professional Consultant:

Website Maintenance

We firmly believe that customer support is the backbone of a successful company. Customer support is so important to us that we have dedicated an entire team to ensure your needs are met at all times. If you have any issue, simply contact our customer support team and we’ll get it resolved quickly.

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