VM Homework Live

Virtuemart Homework is Microsoft Access Application for Virtuemart Component. I develop this application for my own purpose and objectives. I am sharing this applications to virtuemart lovers. The concept is to directly connect with Virtuemart mySQL database tables. Via MySQL ODBC connector.

JetVM 2.0

Introduction It is Visual Basic / MS Access Forms Front-end application which directly connect with mysql database of Joomla Virtuemart through a System DSN.  It will able you to edit your products data in bulk without pressing submit button again and again it change the products records as you type.All changes made through this application will be change in seconds, likewise changing of prices, discounts prices, products name, changing products categories, product sorting, publishing, unpublishing, Products Descriptions rich text format, or even new products in your website from this application, just reload your website and see all changes you made is done without login to Admin panel of your website, Just create ONE TIME connection and re-run application any time you want to update products data or add new products.

MySQL Bulk Uploader & Updaters

Idia: Excel Sheet Data Transfers into mySQL Database / Tables  in Bulk approx 1M Rows Records in 10 Mins. Later if Edit Excel Sheet Data (example publish unpublish certain items / records, change price in Excel sheet) and applies update records to update mysql database.

Monthly Fee Management

This small Microsoft Access Application can be used in Schools, Educational Academies, A company/group which are providing services and charging their client with monthly Services Charges. It can manage each User / Customer Information’s and its billing history (month wise). Dta managed by this system help management to trace paid and unpaid clients at single window view.



JetJom is simple fast adoptable disposable application for your joomla CMS. It is simple Microsoft access application. It will connect with your Joomla CMS core table and will bring the data in a desktop application format. Which is easy and fast to edit /Add. JetJom will use a Simple DNS connection like following